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Food For Thought

This page may help you to spend some time in prayer and reflection while visiting our web site.


SACRED SPACE: daily prayer on-line

The Irish Jesuits provide an excellent resource for prayer while sitting at your computer. Click HERE.



A Sioux Native American once wrote that 'Silence is the voice of God'. That is a deep and true insight which can transform our attitude to prayer. Do not listen firstly for words or messages from God. Simply listen to God in the silence speaking himself to you, giving himself to you, pouring out himself upon you. Be there in the silence, surrounded by God, immersed in God, and soaking in the presence of God which enfolds you.



Taize is a small village in Burgundy, France, where the daily prayer of an ecumenical community of brothers has become the focus of pilgrimage for thousands of young people. For more information on the community, click HERE.

The Taize web site provides resources for daily prayer and reflection.

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