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Our warmest welcome to all who celebrate with the Catholic Community of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St. Joseph’s Church, whether a long time resident or newly arrived in the parish. We thank God you are with us.



The celebration of the Eucharist lies at the centre of our parish life: it is both the source and summit of all our efforts as a parish family. In Battersea we offer the following mass times for keeping holy the Sabbath:

Our Lady's:

10.00am & 12.00noon- Sunday

Sacred Heart:

7.00pm-Saturday Vigil; 9.30am & 11.30am- Sunday


El Shaddai


The parish hosts the London Chapter of the Manila based El Shaddai Charismatic Renewal Group. They lead the music ministry at both Sunday masses and are a great support to the our parish family, given that the membership of El Shaddai comes from across London. The parish family is grateful for the practical help that this group offers our community. May God bless them.

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